We can't imagine going anywhere without Noodles. He's our baby, our only child, and we spoil him rotten. Yeah, he's got us trained to walk him twice a day, and feed him three times a day.


Little Lakeview Lodge

We hope your dog will come and visit. We have provided a nice 12' x 27' fenced yard, with access to the front and back via a gate and an open path to the deck via the stairs. A very tiny dog would not be contained here, so he/she would have to stay in the house. There are water and food dishes in the house and a poo pail in the yard. If your dog is a chronic barker, or is known to be destructive, we ask that you leave him/her at home. We require an additional $150.00 refundable security deposit for doggie visitors.

Here is a picture of the yard at the Litlle Lakeview Lodge. Noodles is an English Labrador standard size, 75 pounds and 23" tall at the shoulders (to give you an idea of scale). There is a fenced dog yard at the Village Lake Retreat as well which extends partially under the deck. (also accessable from the deck) In both the ground has gravel on it to help keep muddy paws to a minimum.

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